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Pink Opal is a powerful stone that derives from common opal which is typically opaque. Its color ranges from pink, cream or lavender. 

Pink opal is a powerful stone for healing emotional wounds and traumas. It supports emotional balance and heals the heart. Opal is generally associated with the heart chakra. Pink opal clears any blockage, helping one resolve negative behavioral patterns and self-limiting beliefs.  

Pink opal clears by providing a sense of tranquility and peace.  Its properties calm,  soothe and clears the emotional body.  This stone promotes the healing stones will help heal the heart from painful emotions, encourages one to move forward, release fear, anxiety and worry.


Pink Opal is great for the following reasons:

  • Fills your aura with peace and tranquility
  • Heals traumas, stress, anxiety and fear. 
  • Helps one express yourself openly and liberates you from shyness
  • Enhances love and compassion
  • Ignites the heart chakra
  • Promotes the loving and caring relationships

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