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Rose Quartz is the symbol of universal love; it has been used throughout history for love rituals and spells. This stone is associated with the quartz family and composed of oxygen and silicon atoms. It supports and attracts romance as well as unconditional love. When you have trouble appreciating yourself, meditating with this gem can help. Rose quartz can help purify your heart chakra and promote love, self-love, and deep inner-self healing. 


This is great for the following:

  • Helps with emotional healing and emotional wellbeing
  • Brings love of self and others 
  • Increases calming and peaceful vibes
  • Clarifies our emotions to create emotional healing 
  • Represents unconditional love and happiness
  • Assists with restoring trust, and comforting others
  • Activates the heart chakra 

This is the version of Rose Quartz Crystal Tumbled.



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