Selenite Cleansing Palm Stone

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Selenite offers powerful protective and cleansing properties while activating the crown and higher chakra. This form of gypsum stone, which is known for good luck and protection, can protect the body from negative vibration. It removes energy blockages and absorbing evil. Selenite can also evoke angelic realm protection for those looking to connect to the higher self, angels, and guides.

A truly powerful tool, selenite’s soothing energy brings peace, tranquility and harmony. Looking to increase protection and fluidity in your home? Create a grid around your home by placing a selenite stone in every corner of your living room or bedroom. Meditating with Selenite can facilitate astral projection, clairvoyance, physic abilities, and dream recall.



Selenite offers the following benefits: 

  • Stimulates brain activity and expands awareness
  • Develops telepathy and brings mental clarity
  • Connects you to higher beings
  • Activates the crown and higher chakra, and is excellent for spiritual work
  • Accesses past and future lives

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