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The Loves-Me-Lots pocket crystal set is a must-have to attract love and long-lasting relationships! This curated pocket set will help amplify attraction energy. Carry your stones everywhere you go! Each set includes Jade, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, and a Crystals and Stones Jewelry Pouch.


These crystals offer the following benefits: 

Jade: This is the stone for self-acceptance, and stability. This is excellent for bringing stillness, tranquility, peace, balance, personal growth into your life. It brings relationships, energies of stability, compassion, and generosity. It promotes self-confidence and resilience. This stone also activates the heart chakra. 


Rhodonite: Use rhodonite for clearing away emotional wounds and trauma. It is the stone of support, compassion, and balance. Rhodonite is known for balancing emotions as well as stimulating, nurturing, and attracting love. It activates the heart chakra, balancing yin and yang. 


Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is the symbol of universal love. Used throughout centuries for love rituals and spells. This stone is known for attracting romance and unconditional love. This stone also promotes self-love and self-acceptance. Rose quartz also assists with restoring and healing trust and comforting others. In addition, it improves emotional healing and clears the heart from emotional wounds. Activates the heart chakra.



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