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The Pick Me Up pocket crystals is the must-have set to give you the energy boost needed to get you through the day. This curated pocket set will provide the energy boost necessary to connect your mind, body, and soul. The pick-me-up set is the right crystal dose needed to get yourself started in the right direction. Each set includes Turquoise, Tiger Eye Sphere,Clear Quartz, and a Crystals and Stones Jewelry Pouch. 


These crystals offer the following benefits: 

Turquoise: This stone is wonderful for purifying, cleansing, and dispelling negative energies. It is a great mood stabilizer, instilling inner serenity and peace. Turquoise activates the throat chakra and heart chakra. It helps for speaking with confidence and wisdom. Turquoise also heals the heart chakra by providing unconditional love and compassion.

Tiger Eye: Tiger eye is the good luck stone. It helps focus the mind by promoting mental clarity while dispelling fears and anxiety. This stone balances the yin-yang. It helps energize the body and stabilizes mood swings. This stone is great for activating your heart chakra.  

Clear Quartz: This is known as the “master healer”. This crystal detoxifies and balances the auric field. It helps maintain focus and connect the mind while aligning all chakras. Clear quartz dispels negative energy and clears the mind, promotes mental clarity, and aids with creativity. 



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