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Show Me the Money Pocket Crystals is  one of the must-haves energy tools. This curated pocket set is your best ally for prosperity, success and wealth.  Show Me the Money Pocket set, will help reactivate any energy blockage. Money is an energy form, by unblocking this energy constraint, the energy of abundance will significantly increase. Each set includes Aventurine, Pyrite and Citrine.

These crystals offer the following benefits: 


Aventurine: A stone of excellent prosperity and abundance. Aventurine is a stone that activates the heart chakra, this is a must-have stone to attract wealth and luck! The green-ray luck attractor, will also cleanse, harmonize, align, enhance creativity and motivation. Use aventurine to bring luck into your life!

Pyrite: The “Fool’s of Gold” is the stone that not only will increase your wealth, prosperity, and good luck. It will protect against negativity and shield against EMF and smog. Pyrite will uplift your spirit and raise your emotional well-being. Attract wealth, prosperity, and success. 

Citrine: This yellow crystal is the stone of manifestation, determination, and confidence. Citrine is an excellent stone for motivation, energizing and uplifting your spirit. The comforting energy  will bring some sunshine into your life. Carrying citrine will provide confidence, trust, and success. 




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