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Snooze Button Pocket Crystals are must-haves energy tools. This curated pocket set is your best ally to get better sleep! The Snooze Button Pocket Crystal Set will help improve your quality of sleep. Place this set under your pillow, and enjoy a restful night of sleep. Each set includes Chalcedony, Amethyst, and Aura Quartz.


These crystals offer the following benefits: 

Chalcedony: This is an excellent stone to activate the throat and third eye chakras. Chalcedony helps one soothe and alleviate depression, panic, stress, and anxiety. Improve peace and serenity when using the stone for sleep. Chalcedony can be your best ally for sleep deprivation. 


Amethyst: Amethsyt is one of the most popular crystals in the mineral kingdom. It carries the energy of cosmic awareness, stimulating the higher mind while enhancing creativity and passion. This excellent stress reliever will improve sleep and calm the mind. Amethyst helps manage stress and anxiety. 


Aura Quartz: It is an excellent stone to bring conscious awareness, support astral projection, and out-of-body experiences. This stone removes energy blockages while balancing and stabilizing the auric field. Its high frequency makes it one of the most ideal stones for meditation. Aura Quartz transmits the healing light which cleanses and releases negative energy blockages. 



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