Crystals Can Be Used to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts

At Crystals & Stones, we offer a curated selection of crystals and stones that can help you elevate your vibrational frequencies so that you can get more in tune with the divine within yourself. You can use our crystals and stones for energetic cleansing, or to meditate with in order to balance and align your chakras. 

When your chakras are balanced energy flows harmoniously through you, you feel more at peace with life and go through life with confidence and strength. When one of your chakras is unbalanced or blocked you may experience an array of symptoms depending on which of the chakras is blocked. If you have had suicidal thoughts you may have your third chakra, the solar plexus chakra blocked. 

The Solar Plexus chakra is your connection to self-esteem, personal power, confidence, and personal identity. When your Solar Plexus chakra is blocked, you may have feelings of hopelessness, lack of purpose, ambition, or self-confidence, anxiety, unable to take responsibility, or feel depressed. These symptoms can lead to suicidal thoughts if left untreated. 

Cleanse your energy with the crystals below to avoid suicidal thoughts. Each crystal and stone has a unique healing property that makes it special.

DISCLAIMER: Our crystals and stones are not meant to treat or cure any mental illness. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or depression we highly recommend you speak to a therapist or professional to seek help. 

Crystals That Can Help With Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Citrine Stone

Citrine Stone

Citrine, like the Solar Plexus chakra, is yellow in color. If you are feeling insecure, struggling to find a sense of purpose, or having a hard time tapping into your power, this Citrine stone will help you open up and stimulate your Solar Plexus Chakra. Citrine Stone elevates your sense of self-worth, and confidence, and imparts happiness and delight. It also aids you in manifesting your dreams and encourages fresh new starts. 

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz Necklace

Rose Quartz can help you when you are experiencing a lot of pain and need emotional healing. This quartz is tied to your heart chakra and is symbolic for unconditional love and joy. If you are having suicidal thoughts, chances are you are having trouble practicing self-love, meditating with this stone can help. Rose Quartz can also enhance your relationships and mend your heart. 

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli Necklace

When you meditate with this stone, it will help you reduce anxiety and stress. Lapis Lazuli helps you have a deeper connection to your higher self, which can increase your self-awareness and mindfulness. Incorporate more honesty in your life and less repressed anger with this beautiful stone. 

Crystals & Stones With Healing Properties 

At Crystals & Stones, we supply you with a wide selection of crystals and stones with healing properties so that you can vibe higher, feel better and love yourself a little harder. Our stones are best when accompanied by mindful meditation and with an intention set in mind. We believe in the power within you! Unleash it with our beautiful crystals and stones

If you have any questions or comments, contact us and our friendly team of experts will assist you! 


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