Best Crystals For Kids

At the risk of sounding non-committal, nearly any stone can be great for kids, especially if you plan on getting someone interested in collecting from a young age. By starting them young, children can end up with a lifelong interest in stones and may even gravitate toward a number of natural healing disciplines.

That being said, anyone who’d approach Crystals & Stones about finding a stone for some youngsters would help them deal with common troubles. Whether it’s emotional problems due to their school environment or a variety of maladies amethyst and other wellness stones are often the best place to start. By using these stones, you can help them to build their natural defenses while simultaneously promoting well-being.


Stones For School & Home

More than likely, you’ve gotten into the habit of thinking of school and home health as somewhat different. When it comes to healing stones for kids, however, you’ll want to make sure that you take a completely holistic approach that corresponds to every challenge they might come into contact with regardless of the source. 

Consider something like black tourmaline or another protection stone. These gems can help to keep the energy around a child a little more positive. You might want to hold off on rougher minerals like malachite until they’re older, since there are some safety considerations that you’ll want to think about when working with them.

black tourmaline

Smoky quartz has a way of clearing out negative energy, which makes it a good present for someone who is helping a youngster to start or grow a crystal collection. Fluorite and other stones associated with anxiety relief are also going to be popular options. Students these days are perhaps more pressured than ever, which means that they’re likely to experience a great deal of anxiety as a result of all these expectations and responsibilities pushing down on them.


It’s quite possible that more youngsters are attending school from home than at any other point in history. Likewise, it’s equally possible that said trend won’t let up anytime soon. 

While this might have a positive impact on some aspects of their lives, it could also mean that a child is bringing an additional amount of stress to his or her own space. If they’re going to school remotely in a bedroom, then they’re keeping some of that stress around. They’re also probably dealing with excess electromagnetic fields as a result of all of the digital equipment that they’re using.

Youngsters who start to learn some kind of meditative or mindfulness-related practice in addition to using stones will often get the most out of them. Try giving one as a gift if you know a child who is getting ready to start something like this. Over time, they might end up with something that can address many problems that they deal with daily.

Relieve Stress For Kids With Crystals & Stones

Both older and younger children feel normal responses to stresses in life. Still, healing crystals can assist. That’s why Crystal & Stones has assembled tumbled stones and gems for your next family meditation session. 

Those with special concerns can always feel free to contact us online today. Feel safe and loved with selections from Crystals & Stones. 

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