Best Crystals For Manifestation: 15 Ways To Attract Your Desires

Attracting your desires might seem difficult, but all it takes is the right kind of intention and the right stone for the job. You’ll want to start out by breathing deeply and really focusing on what you need the most. Once you’ve visualized a true need you’ll be in great shape to try one of these targeted tactics.

Crystals Best For Manifesting Love

1. Palm Stones

Those who would prefer to engage in some form of meditative practice no matter where they are can always have a palm stone on them. These are small enough to carry everywhere in the hand, just as the name suggests. Palm stones’ soothing and relaxing energy helps align the spirit. 

2. Towers & Wands

Keeping a stone out at all times is a great way to make sure that you’re always getting the full effect of its power. Since stone towers and wands are rather decorative, they can be kept out at any time even regardless of the opinions of other people. That can even help to keep down the amount of negativity thrown off by others.

Reducing negativity in turn can increase the chances that you manifest your desires wholesale. Towers are wonderful for amplifying and manifesting your intentions into the universe. Wands are great for healing purposes. 

3. Raw Stones

Due to the fact that they keep all of their natural facets, clusters and raw stones are uniquely ideal for use with those who want to focus on an idea and make it manifest in their own lives.

Metaphysically speaking raw stones by far possess a greater healing power which they have authentic energy than polished stones.

4. Egg-shaped Pieces

Since they’re spherically shaped, stone eggs have the unique power to concentrate universal energies in a single area. That makes them suited for those who want to emphasize a specific desire that they’ve been especially concerned about over time.

5. Pendants

Desires often come in the form of matters of the heart, and therefore it makes sense to wear a stone closest to the said organ. This allows it to pick up specific energies from that area in order to amplify them over time.

6. Jewelry

Likewise, there’s no reason that jewelry couldn’t be worn on other parts of the body to connect a specific stone with those areas.

7. Tumbled Crystal

Oftentimes, simply looking at the smooth edges of a polished stone is enough of a meditation aid to help one focus on their innermost desires.

8. Sharing With A Friend

Crystals could potentially hold onto someone’s desires. It makes sense to swap favored ones with friends.

9. Yoga

Integrate your stones into your existing yoga practice, especially if you emphasize the meditative aspects of the art. Remember that abstract desires, like those for love and respect, will work better than material ones.

10. Qigong

Likewise, those who practice Qigong should feel free to integrate stones into it. Again, desires for things that aren’t material should be the most impactful when working with this kind of practice. Using your crystals regularly along with these exercises will help improve and potentiate your energy. 

11. Reiki

Attract your desires using this healing methodology, which once more can easily feature stones. Visualize a particular symbol, if at all possible, perhaps on the facet of a stone while meditating on what you need most. Cleanse and re-energize your Aura field by combining Reiki and crystals. 

12. Cleansing Crystals

Cleansing a crystal could potentially make it more receptive to a particular desire, which is often important when dealing with serious issues. In addition, regularly cleansing your crystals is crucial for effective results. 

13. Manual Adjustments

Focus on a favored stone while working with a manual adjustment or massage for even more of an impact. Some massage therapists may have crystals to improve a healing ambiance.

14. When Exercising

Even those who do traditional spinal or flexibility exercises might benefit from focusing on a stone while they concentrate on what they desire most. One can arrange crystals on a display in an exercise studio or near their yoga mats. 

15. By Communicating With Others

It’s always best to get even more ideas about stones from those around you. When you open your mind and your heart, you can invite unconditional love and support.  

Lean Into Unconditional Love With Good Luck From Crystals & Stones

Crystals & Stones knows that the right, powerful crystals can help with manifesting your dreams and desires in life. You don’t have to conform to limiting beliefs. 

For more ways to use crystals to manifest your desires, make sure to contact us online at Crystals & Stones. We will answer all of your questions about dispelling negative energy. 

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