How To Cleanse Crystals: The Best Ways To Cleanse, Charge And Program Your Crystals

All practitioners and seekers usually end up developing their own path to some degree. With that many disciplines, there are many different ways to cleanse crystals. Leaving them out underneath the moonlight either on a tray or mirror is perhaps one of the most popular ways to do so. It’s certainly one of those that would seem to be the most connected with the natural world. 

Others might prefer to gently pass them through the smoke of a sacred piece of incense in order to impart some degree of blessing on them while helping to shed at least part of the negative energy that they might have collected in the meantime.

Programming An Intention To Your Crystals

As soon as you’re sure that your crystals aren’t harboring any additional sources of negative power, you can begin to provide them with some sort of intent. In order to ensure that your crystals give you the greatest possible healing benefit, you’ll need to know how to program them. 

To do so, hold the stone and quiet your mind. Focus your thoughts and energies on a specific goal or desire. Dedicate all of the energies of said stone as well as the energies that you’re imparting to the highest degree of achievement in said goal that’s possible. While modesty and humility are always important, you want to be sure that you spell out your intentions clearly.

This is especially true of those who are looking to use a crystal as part of a journey of personal empowerment. For those who are using them as an adjunct to a quest for self-improvement, you may not be able to shed feelings of depression or low self-worth unless you state that you want to rid yourself of them. Intent and the strong desire to achieve something are of the utmost importance when you’re trying to clear out these kinds of negative emotions.

Eventually, you may have worked through at least some of the feelings of doubt that you might have been dealing with. When you have, you’ll want to repeat the initial cleansing ceremony to scrub off these energies so that your crystals don’t start to attract them. 

This is true of both loose stones as well as those in settings. The form factor of the crystal doesn’t change the cleansing or empowerment process.

Empowering Your Crystals For Positive Change

Those who want to benefit from the general metaphysical properties of a given stone may find it unnecessary to program a crystal. They’ll be harnessing its energies as opposed to adding or putting anything in. Anybody who has a specific goal in mind, however, is encouraged to at least charge their crystal with said intention. They will improve their chances of success.

Leverage More Healing Properties With Crystals & Stones

Regardless of your own preferred practices, you’re always welcome at Crystals & Stones. We try to provide an inclusive space for those to discover the power of healing crystals.

Whenever you’d like to learn more about the healing power of crystals, feel free to contact us online. A world of crystal awaits you, with the proper methods of cleansing for your benefit.

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