5 Healing Crystals and Stones To Boost Your Energy Naturall

When it comes to energy-boosting crystals, there are several stones I reach for a pick-me-up. Even though coffee is always a great alternative, at times it’s not the best option. Your body can develop a tolerance for caffeine, even if you supplement it with other drinks. That is why we recommend these 5 healing crystals to boost your energy naturally; you can’t build a tolerance to meditation.

What’s more, meditating with crystals is better for your health. Too much caffeine can mess with your sleep routine and cause dehydration. That’s a no-no in the summer as the temperature rises. It can also affect your heart rate and increase the risk of hypertension if you are drinking too many cups of coffee or swallowing energy drinks. 

When feeling sluggish pick up a crystal from your bedside nightstand. Especially when getting ready for bed, you can reduce the chances of sleep procrastination even when your nights are busy. When morning rises pick up an energizing crystal to start your day right! That way you can tackle work from your day job and spend time with your family with joy. 

The Perfect Crystals For Fighting Fatigue

In general, meditation is a great way to clear your mind and maintain energy throughout the day. The simplest routine is to sit, close your eyes, and take controlled, slow breaths for a few minutes. Meditating with a crystal allows you to take this to the next level. 


Below are a few energy-boosting crystals: 

Pyrite: Increase confidence and will power! Pyrite is also known as fool’s good but it can help provide insight and wisdom during the day. The Romans used it as a weapon in war, but you can use pyrite to increase your personal power. 


Citrine: Promote motivation when using this brightly colored stone. Citrine activates creativity and self-expression, making it great for people that are in the arts. If you have deadlines to meet and less willpower, then go with this stone. 

smokey quartz

Smoky Quartz: Meditating with this stone disperses fears, brings emotional calmness, and clears your aura of negative energy. Smoky quartz is known as grounding quartz and is known for restoring balance. When facing daily dilemmas, it will clear your mind and help you solve problems.


Carnelian: When you need confidence, power, and physical vitality, then trust in the power of the rust-orange carnelian. This crystal amplifies your existing positive energy and provides support after a bad day at work. Wear it when making a tricky proposition or when starting a new venture, to take risks with boldness and wisdom. 

clear quartz

Clear Quartz: Do you regularly feel a lunchtime slump? Clear quartz may have the right vibrations to solve that problem. This crystal amplifies energy, improves focus and stimulates the brain

Increase Your Energy With Crystals & Stones

Crystal & Stones will lead the way to your spiritual journey. Our experts know which stones and energy healing tools are best to pave the way for a clearer mind. We have specialists that curate stones for the monthly subscription box and will provide advice when needed.

Contact us today to order your first subscription box and inquire about the best stones to revive your spirit. You can’t go wrong when boosting your energy level with the power of meditation. Find your ideal healing stone to get out of the newest slump. 

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