Crystals For The Third-Eye Chakra

The Anja Chakra, sometimes called the third eye, refers to a specific gate that can lead to a realm of deeper consciousness. While it’s often associated with specific historical individuals like Siddhattha Gotama and their discourses like the Mahayana sutras, there’s no reason why the cultivation of the third eye isn’t something that everyone can engage in.

Since it tends to look inward, it might begin to see things that you may not like. That might give you a greater number of things that you hope to work on. Over time, doing so can lead to a dramatic level of self-improvement. As you might have guessed, there are crystals that can help.

Exploring Your Inner Self With Crystals

Vanadinite is probably your first pick when it comes time to clear your third eye. Learned individuals have long associated it with spiritual and psychic abilities. It’s also more mundanely used by those who have to spend long hours at work. 


Barite is a good pick for those who are working on controlled out-of-body experiences while also trying to eliminate some of the blockages that cause their biggest issues. Sadly, you usually only ever see Barite in paints and other industrial things. Taking it back as a natural crystal is a great way to start your journey toward living a more centered life. It’s especially good for those who are already meditating with a focus on the Anja Chakra and hope to further explore it.


Curiously, diamonds are another stone that’s very good in this respect, though they’re only usually associated with either industrial drills or the jewelry market. Granted, genuine diamond jewelry can actually have a positive impact on your third-eye chakra, but you need to have genuine natural diamonds. So many used in the fashion industry are actually artificial and grown, which will only hamper your continued self-exploration.

Azurite is a healing stone that’s associated with the throat, though it can actually also have a positive impact on the third eye. When you’re ill or your body isn’t completely balanced, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to explore yourself anywhere near as far as you might if you were coming from a healthy position. Incorporate these stones into your practice, especially if you manipulate ki or prana since they normally aren’t associated with any side effects, and doing so is surprisingly simple.


Stones For Self-Improvement & Exploration

Start out by making a list of reasons that you want to explore your third eye. If you have a specific intention, then it’s far easier to get going on what could be an extremely deep journey. Over time you might need to make adjustments to these and you may even learn some things about yourself that demand further correction. Don’t worry, because this is all part of the journey toward becoming the best you possible.

Perceive The World Better With Crystal & Stones

Here at Crystals & Stones, we don’t just stop with recommendations. Instead, we have done our best to put together a varied collection for third-eye explorers.

If you run into any snags, then please feel free to contact us online. Our team will help you get the minerals you need to get up to speed with your inner self and meditation.

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