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Best Crystals For Kids

crystals for kids

At the risk of sounding non-committal, nearly any stone can be great for kids, especially if you plan on getting someone interested in collecting from a young age. By starting them young, children can end up with a lifelong interest in stones and may even gravitate toward a number of natural healing disciplines.

That being said, anyone who’d approach Crystals & Stones about finding a stone for some youngsters would help them deal with common troubles. Whether it’s emotional problems due to their school environment or a variety of maladies amethyst and other wellness stones are often the best place to start. By using these stones, you can help them to build their natural defenses while simultaneously promoting well-being.


Stones For School & Home

More than likely, you’ve gotten into the habit of thinking of school and home health as somewhat different. When it comes to healing stones for kids, however, you’ll want to make sure that you take a completely holistic approach that corresponds to every challenge they might come into contact with regardless of the source. 

Consider something like black tourmaline or another protection stone. These gems can help to keep the energy around a child a little more positive. You might want to hold off on rougher minerals like malachite until they’re older, since there are some safety considerations that you’ll want to think about when working with them.

black tourmaline

Smoky quartz has a way of clearing out negative energy, which makes it a good present for someone who is helping a youngster to start or grow a crystal collection. Fluorite and other stones associated with anxiety relief are also going to be popular options. Students these days are perhaps more pressured than ever, which means that they’re likely to experience a great deal of anxiety as a result of all these expectations and responsibilities pushing down on them.


It’s quite possible that more youngsters are attending school from home than at any other point in history. Likewise, it’s equally possible that said trend won’t let up anytime soon. 

While this might have a positive impact on some aspects of their lives, it could also mean that a child is bringing an additional amount of stress to his or her own space. If they’re going to school remotely in a bedroom, then they’re keeping some of that stress around. They’re also probably dealing with excess electromagnetic fields as a result of all of the digital equipment that they’re using.

Youngsters who start to learn some kind of meditative or mindfulness-related practice in addition to using stones will often get the most out of them. Try giving one as a gift if you know a child who is getting ready to start something like this. Over time, they might end up with something that can address many problems that they deal with daily.

Relieve Stress For Kids With Crystals & Stones

Both older and younger children feel normal responses to stresses in life. Still, healing crystals can assist. That’s why Crystal & Stones has assembled tumbled stones and gems for your next family meditation session. 

Those with special concerns can always feel free to contact us online today. Feel safe and loved with selections from Crystals & Stones. 

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Crystals For The Third-Eye Chakra

crystal for third eye chakra

The Anja Chakra, sometimes called the third eye, refers to a specific gate that can lead to a realm of deeper consciousness. While it’s often associated with specific historical individuals like Siddhattha Gotama and their discourses like the Mahayana sutras, there’s no reason why the cultivation of the third eye isn’t something that everyone can engage in.

Since it tends to look inward, it might begin to see things that you may not like. That might give you a greater number of things that you hope to work on. Over time, doing so can lead to a dramatic level of self-improvement. As you might have guessed, there are crystals that can help.

Exploring Your Inner Self With Crystals

Vanadinite is probably your first pick when it comes time to clear your third eye. Learned individuals have long associated it with spiritual and psychic abilities. It’s also more mundanely used by those who have to spend long hours at work. 


Barite is a good pick for those who are working on controlled out-of-body experiences while also trying to eliminate some of the blockages that cause their biggest issues. Sadly, you usually only ever see Barite in paints and other industrial things. Taking it back as a natural crystal is a great way to start your journey toward living a more centered life. It’s especially good for those who are already meditating with a focus on the Anja Chakra and hope to further explore it.


Curiously, diamonds are another stone that’s very good in this respect, though they’re only usually associated with either industrial drills or the jewelry market. Granted, genuine diamond jewelry can actually have a positive impact on your third-eye chakra, but you need to have genuine natural diamonds. So many used in the fashion industry are actually artificial and grown, which will only hamper your continued self-exploration.

Azurite is a healing stone that’s associated with the throat, though it can actually also have a positive impact on the third eye. When you’re ill or your body isn’t completely balanced, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to explore yourself anywhere near as far as you might if you were coming from a healthy position. Incorporate these stones into your practice, especially if you manipulate ki or prana since they normally aren’t associated with any side effects, and doing so is surprisingly simple.


Stones For Self-Improvement & Exploration

Start out by making a list of reasons that you want to explore your third eye. If you have a specific intention, then it’s far easier to get going on what could be an extremely deep journey. Over time you might need to make adjustments to these and you may even learn some things about yourself that demand further correction. Don’t worry, because this is all part of the journey toward becoming the best you possible.

Perceive The World Better With Crystal & Stones

Here at Crystals & Stones, we don’t just stop with recommendations. Instead, we have done our best to put together a varied collection for third-eye explorers.

If you run into any snags, then please feel free to contact us online. Our team will help you get the minerals you need to get up to speed with your inner self and meditation.

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Which Crystals Can Be Used For Better Luck?

crystals for better luck

You may ask which crystals can be used for better luck. The answer is not as simple as it seems. Any crystal can be used for luck and, at the same time, you won’t want to use any for luck. While that probably sounds like a shocking statement, it actually makes a lot of sense if you take the time to think about it. 

For one thing, when you say you want to be more lucky there’s a good chance that what you really mean is that you’re ready to dispel all of that negative energy that’s been holding you back. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to use stones that are attuned to your specific intention.

Take a few moments to think about what things are holding you back in particular. Chances are that there’s one intention that resonates best with you. 

Perhaps when you say luck what you want to do is improve your degree of abundance. If that’s the case, then something like green jade or pyrite may actually be best. That’s especially true for anyone who is working on growing their income over time, which is the most natural way to do it. Nevertheless, you don’t want to get hung up on materialistic pursuits.

Using Crystals To Improve Your Life

Those who are focused exclusively on mindfulness practices already will want to do whatever they can to increase the level of meditation that they enjoy. Individuals who practice some form of star reading or fortune telling may instead prefer a stone that’s attuned to their astrological sign. Keep in mind that this is very different from the meaning of fortune telling that people often use today.

Rather, these are often used by people who do their best to find the natural rhythms of their lives and start to attune their decision-making processes to them. That can help to dramatically improve some of the fits and starts that have a tendency to happen when you’re dealing with all of the things that life will sometimes suddenly throw at you.

As the name suggests, a good solid Tiger Eye stone can bring a sort of power and motivation to your life. Rather than waiting around to suddenly feel like you have the right combination of lucky attributes, you’ll be empowered to grab life by the horns and do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. 

For that matter, you may find that you actually have what you want right in front of you. In many cases, it’s not so much about attracting luck as it is discovering those things that are really important.

Paying Close Attention With Stones

Consider using a few stones that can help amplify those skills you already have so that you won’t have to worry about whatever life ends up throwing your way. Aventurine can boost your creativity and improve your level of optimism. Once you have the right kind of outlook, you’ll be empowered to clearly see the world around you and make changes when you spot something you don’t necessarily like.

Bring Good Luck With Crystals & Stones

Crystals & Stones knows how to harness powerful energies from gems. You can channel high vibrations with the lucky stones that we carry.  

If you’re looking for more options, then contact our team and let them know what kind of issues that you might be dealing with on a regular basis. There’s a good chance that there’s a crystal for you from Crystals & Stones.

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Crystals To Improve Your Self Confidence

crystals for self confidence

So many people start out with the intent to improve their self-confidence only to feel that they’re not being humble enough once they get going. Therefore, they’re never able to overcome the various challenges that life throws at them. Over time, this can become a vicious cycle that never really gets any better. Fortunately, there’s a big difference between being confident and being haughty and a number of crystals can help.

While everyone is different, there are a few crystals that have proven consistently popular with those who deal with these problems. As the issues are often systemic in nature, nearly any type of stone that can help you feel more grounded could hypothetically be of at least some assistance when working on your self-confidence.

Restoring Even Fragile Self-Confidence

Amethyst might be where you want to turn first, because you can easily wear it around your neck in order to bring its energy with you anywhere. Since it’s a very fashionable stone, you won’t have the self-conscious feeling that comes with looking out of place. It’s often associated with faith, and this is important because you’re looking to start to have more faith in yourself. Any stone that features a more spiritual alignment may actually be good for precisely this reason.

Selenite and Angelite have been used in a number of praiseworthy methods for this reason, and the latter sometimes has a connection with one’s guardian angel. That’s important for anybody who might be dealing with feelings of loneliness, since these can often make the sensation of isolation that feeds on a lack of self-confidence that much worse over time. Breathe deeply when working with either of these.

Any crystal that deals with depression or anxiety, such as rose quartz and citrine, are probably good to turn to. When someone lacks basic self-confidence, they might end up doubting themselves and constantly feeling like they need to question every move they make. By turning to one of these kinds of stones, they might be able to channel and align different energies so that they can feel balanced.

rose quartz

Building Self-Confidence Over Time

You may want to consider using these crystals along with another practice, such as conventional hatha yoga. Those who are looking to further increase the amount of exercise they do might want to explore the Iyengar asanas, which pair very well with many of the more energetic crystals that you might come into contact with. Regardless of which you try, though, don’t force things any more than need to. Doing so can set you up to fail because you’ll start to judge your progress, which in turn can make you lose self-confidence. 

Invite Positive Energies With Crystals & Stones

Considering the fact that this is one of the most common challenges faced by people today, our crew at Crystals & Stones often gets asked to help out with issues related to self-confidence.  Pace yourself and remember that nobody is judging you on this very personal journey. 

If you’re looking for more crystals to integrate into your practice, then you can contact our team online. We’ll be happy to help you find something new to add to your collection.

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Crystals For Deeper Lucid Dreaming

lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a state of consciousness where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming.  Some people want to use this ability to turn nightmares into a more pleasant experience. Others may wish to explore their rather unusual dreams without any outside influence or guidance on how they should react while sleeping. Certain philosophers have even promoted this as something of esoteric practice.

Lucid dreaming is a technique that has been scientifically proven. Studies have verified Lucid dreaming is associated with the EEG Brainwaves and fMRI blood flow data.

Many scientists and famous people have practiced lucid dreaming techniques to their advantage to create inventions, movies, music, and novels.

Stones To Help With Lucid Dreaming

Crystals and stones can be your best allies for lucid dreaming. Many crystals have been used throughout time as tools for lucid dreaming, astral traveling, and scrying.

Onyx, Apatite, clear quartz, amethyst, and smoky quartz are going to be your best bets when it comes to lucid dreaming. Both of these are associated not only with dream control but also with improving recall, which is important when you’re trying to get a hold of a dream and realize that you’re in it. By remembering dreams more, you’ll increase the chances of dreaming lucidly.

smoky quartz

Put raw or polished stones on a tray next to your bed before you rest. Some report better results if they position the tray closer to their head. Naturally, you don’t want to put it where there’s any chance of rolling over onto it, though putting a piece of onyx underneath an otherwise comfortable pillow might prove fruitful. Rainbow moonstone is a good choice for the evening hours as well, so those who have a small bedside collection may consider this as well as Zultanite as selections for their trays.


Once you have your stones in place, you’ll want to get into a habit of doing something during the day that’s going to be hard to accomplish in a dream. Most people find that mirrors, clocks, and even printed books don’t work the same way in dreams that they do in real life. 

By constantly taking the time to look at these things during the day, you’ll increase the probability that you’ll do them in a dream. Once you do, there’s a good chance that you can then realize you’re dreaming since the impact of, say, looking into a mirror while you’re asleep is so jarringly different than it would be while you’re awake.

Increasing The Odds Of A Lucid Dream

At one point, a number of sleep therapists would actually encourage people to pinch themselves during the day so they’d do that during the night. This is where we get the old phrase about pinching someone because they must be dreaming. However, you may not want to do this because there’s a chance you could end up pinching yourself hard. As one popular film suggested, you could spin a top or use a toy though, preferably while looking at or meditating on your crystals.

Keep a dream journal and store a polished stone on top of it, so that you can recapture some of the energy of the dreams you have each night. Don’t forget to clean your spiritual crystals so that they don’t attract any negative energy that you might not want in your dreams. Don’t give up, because it can take some time to really get used to lucid dreaming. 

Channel The Subconscious Mind With Crystals & Stones

No matter what reason you might pick, there are certainly stones out there that can help. Our team at Crystals & Stones has some recommendations to improve your sleep habits.

Contact our team online whenever you’re ready to learn more. Let our team invite good sleep and a healthier REM cycle into your life. 

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Crystals That Helps You For Weight Loss

weight loss

Maintaining a healthy weight is about a lot more than just weight loss. Rather than focusing on just losing weight, it’s important to make healthier lifestyle choices that eventually help you keep a reasonable weight. While it might be very difficult to do so, there are some types of crystals that could help you along the journey. Those who are already working on maintaining a healthier weight shouldn’t have any difficulties working these into their existing practices.

Exploring Ways To Lose Weight

Once you have a stone like this in your position, you might feel compelled to pay more attention to your metabolism. This may actually be counterproductive, however, because getting worked up about the issue could increase stress levels. In turn, this can increase cortisol levels and thereby encourage you to store additional fat levels all over again.

Instead, do your best to keep your mind in the current moment and increase your level of physical activity. Turquoise may be a good pick for those who find that their stress level and feelings of self-doubt have conspired to stop them from getting the kind of exercise that they need and deserve. Over time, these feelings should at least start to diminish due to the fact that accomplishments have a tendency to pile up over time. Eventually, this can snowball into a wide variety of healthy lifestyle choices.


When it comes to weight loss, the somewhat aptly-named apatite crystal is quite possibly the best pick for this usage. It’s associated with the ability to raise the overall metabolic rate, which is important for those who are working on losing weight. Individuals who find themselves dealing with a slow metabolism that prevents them from even getting started with weight loss.


Amethyst isn’t directly related to weight loss, but it does tend to be associated with detoxification. This is vital because certain types of toxins can increase excess cravings for food while also inhibiting physical energy levels. 


Those who’ve been working on switching to a healthier diet are more than likely still dealing with the long-term aftermath of whatever food they were eating before. Certain types of food additives and artificial sweeteners can also contribute to weight gain, which has helped to further put emphasis on this aspect of the weight loss process.

Adding Crystals To A Physical Regimen

Few people would ever consider crystals a replacement for diet and exercise. While they’re not, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate them into your existing regimen. 

Consider wearing a stone while you’re hiking or having a healthy meal. It could be a good way to boost your metabolism while also calling to mind your constant commitment to making better choices. Those who are practicing Yoga or T’ai Chi as a form of exercise may want to use a stone to help them meditate while moving. Something that resonates with the solar plexus chakra, such as Zultanite, may be best for this.

Encourage Your Weight Loss Journey With Crystals & Stones

Here at Crystals & Stones, we do our best to compile the best collection of stones for the widest variety of situations. With healthy food, exercise, and mindfulness, crystal healing can assist with achieving your weight loss goals. 

Those looking for more options should always feel free to contact our team online. Whether to boost your immune system or improve your overall health, Crystals & Stones knows which healing stones are right for you. 

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Crystals That Will Help You To Experience Better Mindfulness

Mindfulness is difficult to explain because it could mean different things to different people. However, those looking for specific crystals to help experience better mindfulness want to pin down a single definition so that they can start achieving their goals. Start by working on the intent to be aware of both your responsibilities as well as those things around you. Once you’re aware of where you are in life you can start to become increasingly aware of who you are.

Mindfulness Practices & Crystals

Exploring new types of mindfulness practices is often fruitful, and it’s easy to find new ways to put stones into them. Think about karateka, for instance. A student might end up cleaning the dojo after every practice session and is told to keep their mind on what they learned during the day while they’re doing so. You’re probably not used to thinking about sweeping up as a mindful practice, but this should help to demonstrate how even the smallest of things could help to draw attention to what’s really important.


If you’re starting to look at new ways to explore mindfulness practices, then you’ll probably want to try a piece of jewelry that you can wear at all times. Just the feeling of it might be enough to make you think about your situation. Those who might have been dismissive of the things around them for the longest time might want to look into gratitude stones like fluorite or smoky quartz. These can often help practitioners to remember how to respect even the smallest things in their lives.

smoky quartz

As a result, they might end up being a little happier even with a lot less. Too often we simply ignore the small things in life and let big issues get us down. Focusing on being grateful for what we have and counting our blessings might sound trite, but it really does go a long way toward helping you put some of the issues that might be upsetting you into a better perspective and lead to overall better quality of life.

Integrating Stones Into Your Practice

For many, simply having a polished stone close to them is more than enough to help draw their mind to what they should really have it on. While it can still be difficult, especially with how many different directions our minds are drawn in these days, you can eventually start to integrate stones into your practice and end up having a greater appreciation for the natural world as a result.

Those who are currently working exclusively on improving their state of mindfulness, however, will probably want to start with something like labradorite, which amplifies intuition. Once you have a heightened sense of this, you’ll be in a better position to address other problems.

Center Your Meditation Sessions With Crystals & Stones

Naturally, you might wish to change that as soon as you learn what it is, which is why we’ve put together such a wide collection of pieces at Crystals & Stones. There’s something for any intention. 

When you’re ready to really expand your mind, make sure to contact our team online for more information. See how crystals bring the ability to balance emotions and look at the world with a calmer perspective. 

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Crystals That Reduce The Pain Of Period Cramps

period cramps

Many of the remedies women use for monthly period cramping or bloating can actually be worse than the situation had them in the first place. Any number of them don’t actually work, leaving you in every bit as much pain as you were when you began. Others have side-effects that could turn into maladies all their own.

That’s making record numbers of women turn to more natural methods of managing the condition. At Crystals & Stones, we’re always on the lookout for things that can help to dramatically reduce any sort of pain so we’d like to share some crystals that might be able to help.

Turning To Stones For Period Cramping

Menstrual cramps are connected to the digestive tract, bladder, liver and kidneys in some traditional healing disciplines. Many people over the years have associated Bloodstone crystals with all of these areas, thus making it a powerful stone to use when dealing with menstrual cramps. It’s also known to help stabilize hormones. 

 Bloodstone is probably the stone you’re going to want to turn to first. It’s certainly the one that’s gotten the largest amount of feedback from other women who’ve been dealing with period cramps over the years. Some advise women to wear a piece of Bloodstone to help neutralize some forces within the body. Those women who have a build-up of some toxin that intensifies cramping will appreciate this fact.


Negativity is always a serious problem when facing period pain, and heightened emotions can make it all the worse. While you might not think about turning to smoky quartz during this time, it’s actually an excellent stone when it comes to neutralizing external forces while also detoxifying the body. Since it promotes a healthy digestive system while also bringing emotional calmness, it’s being looked at a second time by many women who experience emotional as well as physical effects during their period.

smoky quartz

Crystals that bring a sense of personal empowerment are often a good choice as well. While you might think that you want to downplay such feelings during a period, this is a time when you may actually be dealing with emotions of self-doubt. 

When you’re in a position of self-empowerment, you’ll deal better with the kind of strong emotions that come from hormonal imbalances. In turn, this can have a strong impact on the length and severity of menstrual cramping. Don’t count out a complete holistic solution, since all of your body’s various processes are related to one another.

Addressing Menstrual Problems Holistically

Very gentle exercises can sometimes prove helpful, especially if your stress level is high and is therefore making your cramps worse. Naturally, you’ll want to speak with a medical professional before you start anything, but those who already practice a gentle mindfulness discipline may find that the impact on their psyche is a positive boon when it comes to the worst impacts of their period. Eventually, it might also start to reduce some of the problems related to PMS as well.

Balance Energy And Inner Strength With Crystals & Stones

Do PMS symptoms lay you down low, or even cause constant chronic pain? Crystals & Stones knows which gems can go in line with pain relief and hormone balance. 

Those who might be trying to find a stone or crystal for a specific intention should always feel free to contact us online. Crystals & Stones will assist with your menstrual cycle, easing stress and tension.

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5 Crystals for People Who Have Trouble With Impatience

Do you ever feel like you can’t wait for anything? Can it feel like anticipating a great event will take forever? Does impatience dog your life? If all of these issues are the case, then you might need to improve the level of balance in your life. Fortunately, there are a number of crystals for people who have trouble with impatience.

Have you ever felt off-balance? It could be that your life is not as balanced as it should be. A few extra steps can help improve the level of balance in our lives and make us happier too!

We asked the pros at Crystals & Stones to share some of their favorites with us. They provided some recommendations.  

Crystals For Anger And Impatience

1. Dolomite Healing Stone

Perhaps no other stone can claim to be the stone of patience, which is a nickname normally applied only to dolomite. It opens up the heart chakra and is well known for helping individuals to appreciate all of the little things in life. Best of all, it can help to release toxic heavy metals from the body, which is a major physiological reason that people don’t feel as grounded as they should.

2. Septarian Dragon Egg

Another stone with a very unique name, a dragon egg is a relatively rare type of geode that can help you feel more grounded and connected with your root chakra. That’s important for patience as well as, again, being more appreciative of all of the little things in life. Best of all, these stones really do look like the mythological eggs of dragons, which can prove helpful for those wishing to meditate on a specific type of force.

3. Clear Quartz

Some people have called Clear Quartz the master healing stone because it increases the ability to laugh even in the face of incredible odds while also improving your sense of both patience and love. By carrying this stone with you, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to regulate the various forces inside of your body. If you’re starting to deal with feelings of constant frustration, then this is an excellent way to dispel them.

4. Iolite Touchstone

Blue rays can connect an individual with nature. Likewise, violet and indigo ones will help one to connect with the higher realm. Both of these are well-known traits of the Iolite Touchstone, which can help a person to explore a greater realm of existence and therefore not be so caught up in the material world. Impatience can be caused by a great many things, but these flaws are almost always somehow brought around by the fact that our world is too caught up in things. Touchstones like this can get you focused on ideas and concepts instead.

5. Angelite

Feelings of isolation and anxiety can certainly hurt your level of patience. Your patience will normally drop the more anxious you get. Angelite helps by alleviating many of these feelings, which can further increase the chances that you’re always ready for things even when they start to take a little while. Waiting isn’t difficult when you don’t have to deal with the more painful aspects of it.

Invite Soothing Energy With Crystals & Stones

Crystals & Stones can help you build a strong connection with your mind and body. With meditation and the right stone, you can engage in anger management while inviting unconditional love into the body. 

For more stones that can help you feel more patient and grounded, make sure to contact our team online. We’ll always be there to help with impatience or any other issue that you might be facing.

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Healing Crystals For Digestive Problems

digestive problems

Digestive health is one of the biggest challenges faced by people today. Due in no small part to the fact that we eat food laced with artificial additives, modern humans are often unable to deal with their digestive tracts. Eventually, these problems can go from uncomfortable to flat-out painful before turning even uglier.

As with anything else, correcting them requires an approach that involves a combination of multiple disciplines. Fortunately, the team at Crystals & Stones has a few pieces that integrate well with this approach. After you work on improving your diet, we invite you to check these out.

Combining Stones For Digestive Health

Carnelian agate regulates kidney functions while aquamarine is said to heal the stomach. It’s thought to be helpful to those with ulcers and other related problems. You might want to combine the use of these two as well as honey calcite, which is sometimes associated with the stomach and small intestines as well as the kidneys. Some even say that it’s beneficial for the bladder as well.

That’s why all three of these stones were selected for inclusion in the aptly named Settle My Tummy set. They’ve also been commonly used by individuals who are dealing with the sorts of digestive problems that come as a side-effect of unrelated medical treatments. So many medicines and procedures can cause an upset stomach that some people accept that they simply have to live with it in order to avoid some other problem. That being said, these crystals have indeed provided solace to those who otherwise figured that they couldn’t get any help.

Don’t feel too afraid to explore other crystals for precisely that reason. Smoky quartz has been popular with those dealing with digestive troubles, which is why it was included in the similar Comfort Me crystal set. This stone is well regarded among those who wanted to detoxify their bodies. Poisons that are found in food, water, and many other products including cosmetics could end up in a digestive tract. In fact, some of these are even entirely natural. That’s why detoxification is a good idea.

Using Stones For Digestive Health

Incorporate any of these stones into the other practices that you’re already engaged in to better treat your problems. You might want to sleep with them located somewhere near your head and have them closer to your stomach or abdominal region during the rest of the day. Meditation and mindfulness practices could help to dramatically improve stomach health, so it’s a good idea to use your crystals to focus while engaged in any of these. Remember to breathe deeply and properly, since a shockingly large number of digestive problems are actually caused by stress. That tends to be even more true for those who work in certain types of careers.

Cooperate With Your Digestive System Using Crystals & Stones

Crystals & Stones know that mindfulness can lead to a healthier body. We have studied how important meditation can be when it comes to stomach issues and other health concerns. 

Many practitioners of Yoga and Reiki have found unique methods to incorporate stones into their disciplines, which have helped them to remain grounded and focused even when dealing with some pretty severe situations. Those who are looking for more innovative ways to incorporate crystals into their routines can always feel free to contact us online.