Crystals To Improve Your Self Confidence

So many people start out with the intent to improve their self-confidence only to feel that they’re not being humble enough once they get going. Therefore, they’re never able to overcome the various challenges that life throws at them. Over time, this can become a vicious cycle that never really gets any better. Fortunately, there’s a big difference between being confident and being haughty and a number of crystals can help.

While everyone is different, there are a few crystals that have proven consistently popular with those who deal with these problems. As the issues are often systemic in nature, nearly any type of stone that can help you feel more grounded could hypothetically be of at least some assistance when working on your self-confidence.

Restoring Even Fragile Self-Confidence

Amethyst might be where you want to turn first, because you can easily wear it around your neck in order to bring its energy with you anywhere. Since it’s a very fashionable stone, you won’t have the self-conscious feeling that comes with looking out of place. It’s often associated with faith, and this is important because you’re looking to start to have more faith in yourself. Any stone that features a more spiritual alignment may actually be good for precisely this reason.

Selenite and Angelite have been used in a number of praiseworthy methods for this reason, and the latter sometimes has a connection with one’s guardian angel. That’s important for anybody who might be dealing with feelings of loneliness, since these can often make the sensation of isolation that feeds on a lack of self-confidence that much worse over time. Breathe deeply when working with either of these.

Any crystal that deals with depression or anxiety, such as rose quartz and citrine, are probably good to turn to. When someone lacks basic self-confidence, they might end up doubting themselves and constantly feeling like they need to question every move they make. By turning to one of these kinds of stones, they might be able to channel and align different energies so that they can feel balanced.

rose quartz

Building Self-Confidence Over Time

You may want to consider using these crystals along with another practice, such as conventional hatha yoga. Those who are looking to further increase the amount of exercise they do might want to explore the Iyengar asanas, which pair very well with many of the more energetic crystals that you might come into contact with. Regardless of which you try, though, don’t force things any more than need to. Doing so can set you up to fail because you’ll start to judge your progress, which in turn can make you lose self-confidence. 

Invite Positive Energies With Crystals & Stones

Considering the fact that this is one of the most common challenges faced by people today, our crew at Crystals & Stones often gets asked to help out with issues related to self-confidence.  Pace yourself and remember that nobody is judging you on this very personal journey. 

If you’re looking for more crystals to integrate into your practice, then you can contact our team online. We’ll be happy to help you find something new to add to your collection.

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